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TCAT - Hohenwald Vision

To enhance the quality of life of:

• The individual Tennessee citizen
• The Tennessee family
• The local community

Mission Statement

The Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology serve as the premier suppliers of workforce development throughout the State of Tennessee. The Colleges fulfill their mission by:

  • Providing competency-based training through superior quality, traditional and distance learning instruction methods that qualify completers for employment and job advancement;
  • Contributing to the economic and community development of the communities served by training and retraining employed workers;
  • Ensuring that programs and services are economical and accessible to all residents of Tennessee; and
  • Building relationships of trust with community, business, and industry leaders to supply highly skilled workers in areas of need.

TCAT Purpose and Objective

The goal of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology is to provide technical training to students to meet the occupational needs of employers in our community.  Recognizing that all people do not have the same background, abilities, or desires and cannot  be fitted into the same mold, the objective of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology is that each student be treated as an individual.  Individualized instruction is utilized to the maximum in most programs.  Our school policy provides that a student may enter a program when a vacancy occurs, start training at his/her own level, and progress at his/her own rate to the level desired within the limitations of the school.  Individualized instruction provides the student with the highest quality instruction possible in the occupational area of his/her choosing.

The objective is further subscribed to that the mere development of specific skills and knowledge in an individual is not sufficient.  Desirable worker characteristics are emphasized to instill character development, good work habits, reliability, honesty, and respect for authority needed for a productive society.

The primary purpose of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Hohenwald is to more adequately meet the occupational and technical training needs of citizens and residents of this geographic area including employees of existing or prospective industries and businesses of the State.

The college fulfills this mission by providing instructional programs to train or retrain persons for employment. Programs are designed to update existing skills and increase knowledge of workers already employed.


The Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Hohenwald is one of 45 institutions in the Tennessee Board of Regents system, the sixth largest system of higher education in the nation.  The Tennessee Board of Regents is the governing board for this system that is comprised of six universities, thirteen community colleges, and twenty-six colleges of applied technology.  The Tennessee Board of Regents system enrolls more than eighty percent of all Tennessee students attending public institutions of higher education.


The Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Hohenwald is an accredited higher education institution.  An evaluation team, composed of individuals from various parts of southern states, visited the Hohenwald School in February 1972, and made a thorough examination of all facets of the instructional programs.  As a result of the finding of this team, on December 13, 1972, the Hohenwald School was accepted as an accredited member of the Commission on Occupational Education. An annual report of the school’s progress is made each year for continuing accreditation and every five years the accreditation must be substantiated by another self study and team visit.  The school had a five-year team visit May 1977, July 1982, March 1987, April 1992, September 1998, and October 2004 and was re accredited each time.
The Tennessee College of Applied Technology is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Council on Occupational Education. Address: 7840 Roswell Road, Building 300, Suite 325, Atlanta, GA 30350;
Tel: (770) 396-3898, Toll free (800) 917-2081, FAX (770) 396-3790.

Advisory Committees

Advisory committees play an important role in the College by providing information and recommendations that may assist the administrative staff in making decisions favorable to the effective operation of the school. The college also utilizes occupational advisory committees, which aid the instructional staff in assessing the needs of the students and local industry. These advisory committees assist the faculty in keeping abreast of the latest equipment, methods, and technologies in their respective occupational areas.

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Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Hohenwald is an EEO/AA higher education institution.

Students or prospective students who wish to file a complaint related to accreditation or regarding violations of state law not resolved at the institution may submit a Student Complaint Form to the Tennessee Board of Regents at 1415 Murfreesboro Road, Suite 340, Nashville Tennessee 37217, or by going on line and filing out the form electronically at http://www.tbr.edu/contact/default.aspx?id=2936. Under Tennessee’s open records law, all or parts of complaints will generally be available for review upon request from a member of the public.

Complaints regarding accreditation can also be made by contacting the Council on Occupational Education, 7840 Roswell Road, Suite 325, Atlanta, Georgia 30350, telephone: 1-800-917-2081 (www.council.org).

Complaints of fraud, waste or abuse may be made by email at reportfraud@tbr.edu or by calling the Tennessee Comptroller’s Hotline for Fraud, Waste and Abuse at 1-800-232-5454. 

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Picture of Welcome to Tennessee College of Applied Technology Hohenwald
Picture of Welcome to Tennessee College of Applied Technology Hohenwald